Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2021

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Valentine’s Day is not too far away. Love is in the air, and gamers are scrambling to find the perfect gift for their partner(s). So this year I thought, why not give cupid the month off? Wield the bow and heart-shaped arrow, spark some affection between a lucky bachelor and bachelorette, maybe a secret admirer and help them Take their Heart. It’s a Persona 5 Strikers inspired Valentine’s Day Gift Guide, with a litany of video games and gaming accessories recommended to leave that special someone lovestruck.

We may be dry on the next gen front, but it doesn’t mean you can’t show your better half that you love them with a little something special on the side. I mean a game, get your mind out of the gutter. So dump those Roses, throw away that box of Cadbury Choccies, wash off the lickable chocolate and put away the contraceptives. The DashGamer Valentine’s Day Gaming Gift Guide ensures a sultry and satisfying day for all lovers.

PlayStation 4

A Top-Up...

Want to give the hubby, the the boyfriend, the girlfriend or the wife absolute freedom and control over their choices? Well, a simple wallet top-up is your solution.

Available in values of $5, $15, $30, $50 (Recommended) and $100, you can’t go wrong. This allows you to gift that someone a flexible choice of a game, the DLC they’ve been eyeing, or a PlayStation Plus Subscription (12 Months $79.99AUD).

Best of all, they can use this on PS4, PS5 and PS Vita.

Taking Hearts, Breaking Hearts...

They stole the hearts of an entire gaming generation…

The highly anticipated follow-up to the critically acclaimed JRPG, Persona 5 Striker’s see’s our gang of rag-tag youth’s discover a reformed metaverse and a new threat looming over the entire country of Japan. From Shibuya to Sapporo, the Phantom Thieves discover the distorted desires of the defiant, plotting to garner as much popularity and power, possible.

Strike Back with the reunited Phantom Thieves and save the world from th impending doom. Roam around each sandbox-like estate, collect new Persona’s, battle swarms of shadows, in this extremely expeditious musou title. Steal the Treasure, Take their hearts and reclaim justice that was once theirs.

Falling in love, all over again...

A remake of epic proportions…

Old school fans will absolutely adore revisiting the world of Final Fantasy VII, now overhauled for modern gaming. For those that may have not experienced this enchanting escapade, now is most certainly the time to dive right into this astounding tale.

Cloud Strife, a former SOLDIER joins a band of anti-heroes labelled as bio-terrorists, that aim to take down the malevolent corporates of the Shinra Electric Power Company. Exploiting the planet’s spiritual energy and harvesting them in nuclear reactors it is now up to AVALANCHE in taking down the calculating capitalists and save the Metropolis of Midgar.

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Freedom & Comfort...

The best thing about gaming headsets is that most work on everything. The SteelSeries Arctis 3 has the absolute freedom of flexibility to use across a multitude of platforms out there.

Available in White or Black to match the overall aesthetic one may desire, the headset entails 7.1 Surround sound, perfect for PS5 Owners.

The Arctis 3 2019 Edition was Awarded PCGamer’s “Best Gaming Headset” of 2019, and I concur. This is the perfect addition to your gaming setup. 

A Virtual Valentine's Day...

Can’t book a romantic getaway?

Well, Step into the world of Virtual Reality with the PlayStation VR starter pack that includes a pre-packaged title with a variety of demos to experience a whole new world… a Virtual world.

Included in this pack is the PlayStation VR headset, a PlayStation 4 Camera and PlayStation VR Worlds Software.

PlayStation 5

Rising above for Love...

Can’t head out to the Cinema’s? Not looking for a Movie night this Valentine’s Day? How about a gaming night with a title that entails an incredible narrative? One that will make you laugh, make you cry, and leave you in suspense? Ubisoft’s latest release, Immortals Fenyx Rising will do all this.

A comical take on Greek Mythology see’s two Titan Gods in Prometheus and Zeus recap their respective recount of Fenyx, a young Greek Soldier who defies the almighty God of Thunder, and saves Prometheus and a round of Titans from Zeus’ insurgence.

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