In it’s infancy, was and still is a non-profit gaming & tech related website, however has now spawned into a multimedia entertainment hub that aims to provide you with nothing but the best in Gaming, Movies, Music and Pop-Culture opinions from fans of their respective medium. While there are other outlets who provide constructive reviews and opinions on similar forms of media, we strive to be different. While we aim to entertain our readers, listeners and viewers, we believe it’s in our best interests to deliver you hard facts, and our own opinions about our nerdy fixation on geeky pop-culture across all multiple platforms. is now six years old, but has been completely operated under one person, which has now expanded to a team of contributors, who write and podcast voluntarily. has been featured on leading gaming websites such as, Kotaku, IGN, GoNintendo, and Gamespot. We are most certainly grateful for our dedicated supporters who help us strive towards our goal in continuously creating quality content for all to enjoy, and we hope anyone new to our content will share this sentiment.

Our Team

Dan β€œDASH” Rizzo πŸ”—
Senior Editor & Podcast Host
DASH Gamer Podcast,
Operation PlayStation

Ryan Betson πŸ”—
Contributor, Podcast Host
DASH Gamer Podcast

Paul James πŸ”—
Contributor, Podcast Host
DASH Gamer Podcast,
Operation PlayStation

Simon Blackburn πŸ”—
Music Editor & Podcast Host
Take My Tone

Buddy Watson πŸ”—
Senior Editor

Cat Benstead πŸ”—
Horror aficionado & Podcast Host

Bryce Dewit πŸ”—

Steve Lechowicz πŸ”—

Brands & Outlets

In recent years, has been quite fortunate to work with multiple outlets that have allowed us to deliver our reviews and opinions, whether it be written or podcast format. We strive to bring you informative content about any product that may be provided. We have amazing working relationships with many respected brands from around the world, but we also abide by our ethics and standard practices upon receiving any product for review.

Entertainment & Coverage has evolved throughout the years, from delivering the latest gaming news, reviews, and opinions to a widespread multimedia network, across multiple platforms. We provide some of the best coverage across a range of nerdy and geeky Pop-Culture through our different channels. While delivering our reviews and opinion pieces in written format, we love to entertain our audience with our vast range of live shows and podcasts. This includes our topical podcasts from our premiere live show The DASH Gamer Podcast, which streams live every two weeks on TWITCH, which is then made available on demand across iTunes, Soundcloud, Spotify, and other podcasting outlets, with the VOD available on YouTube and This provides a way for our reviews and opinions to become widespread, and available to a boundless reach of viewers and listeners, alike.

Recognised Accolades has been fortunate throughout it’s time to be featured amongst some of the most prestigious outlets around the world, with many of our reviews highlighted and celebrated by publishers.

Quotes from our feature articles are cherry-picked and placed within commercial branding of many major Triple-A titles from various studios. Our focal point being an effective analysis on any and all products; We strive to achieve our best in quality and presentation.

We identify being recognised and featured by publishers as a crowning achievement and aim to continue doing so.