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Dan Rizzo

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Dash has been producing Video Game based content online for over 10 years. Starting off with producing his own Video Review series on YouTube, he found that writing reviews was more his passion... and Pizza.

Resident Evil 3 Review

How ironic? A video game about a viral outbreak that causes a pandemic across the globe. If this isn’t timely, then I don’t what is. Resident Evil 3: Nemesis had always been considered the…

Nioh 2 Review

722. That is the total death count on my entire playthrough of Nioh 2. If there was a game that could teach me anything and everything about skill and dexterity in surviving a “Souls-like”…

DOOM Eternal Review

The Doom franchise has always been a primary example of how to develop an arcade first-person shooter to perfection. With DOOM Eternal, developer id Software takes the foundation of what we know and l…