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DashGamer Awards 2016 VOTE NOW!

2moro, @DashGamers, @Pez_Bro, @NatoGamerTV, and @HolmesInFive will be voting on nominees! Get ready #DashGamerAwards — DashGamer (@DashGamers) December 7, 2016 It’s back, once again! The DashGamer Awards 2016 have arrived, and you the fans will vote on every category. These awards are all about you, the Gamers. This year’s

Uncharted 4 Review Round-up

It’s almost here. The anticipation for PlayStation 4 owners is at an all-time high, with Uncharted 4 being so close, you could almost taste it. Well, the review embargo for Uncharted 4 has officially been lifted and it’s time for those scores to be shared with us. So, has the

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Beta Impressions

It’s been eight long years, and finally we’re getting a brand new Mirror’s Edge title, that die-hard fans, like myself, have been demanding for years upon years. The unfortunate news of it’s latest delay from late May, to early June, only makes us salivate more. Mirror’s Edge, has had a

Are Sucker Punch working on the new Crash Bandicoot?

Well, today has certainly been interesting. With nothing but awesome news about Final Fantasy XV coming out of the live event hosted by Greg Miller, and Tim Gettys, NeoGAF had some particularly strange things happen over on their boards today. Notably, two things. First one was, Jim Sterling’s Quantum Break


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