DASH Gamer Playlist #9 – Pink Floyd, Hans Zimmer, DARKSIDE, Fela Kuti & More

The DASHGAMER.com playlist. Music that we jam to, while being productive with our daily tasks. This week Steve is back and brings us a unique compilation, of old school English Rock, and Cinematic appeal. We hope you enjoy.

This week’s playlist is heavily inspired by classic rock, orchestral and ambient music, focusing on the artistic aspect of music and natural progressive sounds. Pink Floyd, Hans Zimmer and Brian Eno are heavy hitters this week, with the funk of Fela Kuti and the ambient-electro wizard Darkside showing of there talents in a one of special album.

Listening to The Dark Side of The Moon and Wish you were here surprises me every time of just how good this band is. Regardless of the time, place and emotion, both albums by these phenomenal musicians will sure be able to hit the spot of listeners. Containing wonderfully crafted guitar chords, brilliant vocals and fantastic use of both natural and environmental sounds, Pink Floyd has defiantly further stated their presence in the music industry. After re-watching both The Dark Knight and Interstellar the past week, the soundtrack crafted by the genius Hans Zimmer has made its way into this week’s playlist. The orchestral brilliance of both those albums/soundtracks are phenomenal, not only adding to the brilliance of the films respectively, but the quality of sound and music in overall.

Listening to Hans Zimmer work will be sure to bring out those goosebumps and adrenaline filled emotions. Who can forget Brian Eno, the environmental and ambient icon. I personally find some of Eno’s work quite challenging to listen to, however that challenging experience makes this bit of music so interesting and fantastic. The patient work by Eno is evident in his music and listening to every small detailed sound, from wind moving through the trees, to the whistles of nature, Regiment and Ho Renomo are defiant soothers.

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