Where is our Days Gone Review?

So I’ve come to a conclusion on writing a full review on Days Gone. There will be no review here for Days Gone on DashGamer.com. The reason being, I personally feel that the game was not ready for release. For a game that seemed like it was in development hell, rather than a development delay, it has come off a little too half baked, and rushed to market in my opinion. I have seeked advice from those within the industry, and asked what they would do in situations like this. I have reviewed titles for over 12 years, and there has only been one other situation similar to this, where I refused to review a title, as I believe it would be detrimental to our quality of writing that we present here on DashGamer.com. I would love to be as informative about the game as possible, but I have come to terms with Days Gone, that it is not what I expected from a first party Sony published title for the PlayStation 4. It was a 50/50 divide on whether to publish a full written review, or just to get my thoughts on the game out there.

This past week on Dash Culture, my co-host Buddy Watson and I gave our quick thoughts on the title, and were prepared to dedicate a full episode (a spoilercast) on the game, however we both now know that we don’t have the passion to give this game any more time than we already have. Unfortunately, our thoughts on the title are similar, with little to no disagreements that what we wanted from Days Gone, and what we were delivered we two completely different things. It’s unfortunate that we decided to pull the plug completely on our Days Gone special, I don’t think another website giving the title another mediocre review helps in anyway, and personally, I am not one for handing out negative review scores and being proud to bring down a aggregate score. Regardless, Days Gone was a passion project made by the creative developers over at Bend Studios. Whether or not it’s intent was for home console though, remains a mystery, as I believe that the engine itself was lifted from Uncharted: Golden Abyss, and modified graphically to resonate a fully fledged PS4 title. If this were presented on the PS Vita, which I assume when pitched by Bend, was their intent, then I would be singing nothing but their praises here.

But a quality of game like this screams Duke Nukem Forever, and I for one unfortunately cannot devote anymore time to the game. If you would like to hear our thoughts on the game, tune into DASH Culture #31.

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