DASHGAMER.com will be on content break from September 17 - 24, 2021

Welcome Back to DASHGAMER.com

Hey there guys, Welcome back to the all new DASHGAMER.com. It has been over two long years since we’ve been away, and much has happened. After the success of the past two DASH Community Awards, we had planned on re-opening the website back in January 2018 with a brand new look, and feel. Well, now in February 2019, we’re back with a brand new look, four brand new podcasts (and maybe more to come?), and most importantly, written content is back!

I felt it was important to re-introduce written content here, as DASHGAMER.com prided itself on it’s stellar written reviews from many back when we birthed the website, in 2013. Some of our content has come back, while other content has been kept on the editor room floor for now, until we get permission from past writers, and contributors, to use it again.

We will be introducing a series of new written content from members around our community, and hope to share this place as our new home base for opinion pieces, reviews, news, and other content. Our old website layout still exists, in form our new “Podcast Hub“. You can go there by clicking the “Podcasts” button at the top of the site, where the menu bar is placed.

As you may see as well, we have introduced new categories, such as Comics, Movies, TV, and Anime, as we look to expand our reviews and opinion pieces beyond video games, and dive deeper into the nerdy galaxy.

We hope you enjoy our new content on the way here on DASHGAMER.com, as we are excited for everything to come this year, and beyond 2019.

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