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Let the Season Begin

We’re fresh into a new Anime season in 2020, and if anything we’re being delivered what I would consider a mixed bag of Shounen-Action, Comedy, Fantasy and dose of Ecchi-driven controversy which just makes being an Anime fan so much more enticing. We are certainly spoiled for choice with absolute quality, intense plots, quirky characters, unadulterated lewdness and beautifully animated scenery. With some old favourites returning, and new challengers approaching for a jam packed “winter” season, we wanted to share with you our Top 5 Anime Picks that are currently Simulcasting on AnimeLab.

My Hero Academia – Season 4


Boku no Hīrō Akademia (僕のヒーローアカデミア) 🔗

Season Premiere: October 12, 2019
Licensed by: Funimation
Season Commission: 18 Episodes
Studio: Bones
Languages: SUB & DUB

The critically acclaimed Shounen Jump series, makes it’s much anticipated return for a fourth consecutive series. My Hero Academia premiered October 12, 2019 but is still rolling out episodes in it’s current seasonal run. While we have been treated to non-stop action from day dot, our hero’s story is about to take an unprecedented turn. You will notice this immediately with the series premiere’s off-shoot pacing that some may deem, a little slower than anticipated from the incredibly fast-paced action we’ve grown accustom to. Immediately, the series sends a message that All Might is ready to take a backseat, with Deku ready to take charge and lead the team. “The Scoop on U.A. Class 1-A” takes focus mainly on character progression of our hero’s, rather than display their flashy sides.

There is a clear cut message being sent from it’s series premiere here, that these young students are finally becoming adults and are ready to take on the world as their own. Yet, clearly still needing some form of guidance, All Might’s dependency, and Deku’s clear lack of direction may come back to haunt him later on in the season. I already sincerely appreciate this season’s backswing swerve in plot, and how they handled the very first episode heading in. This is surely going to be a season not to miss. If you have not caught up on My Hero Academia just yet, now is the time to do so. I have a feeling, something big is coming this season, and it may have to do with the future of our mentor, and I hate to predict this, but it may not be good.



Purandara (プランダラ) 🔗

Season Premiere: January 8, 2020
Licensed by: Funimation
Season Commission: 24 Episodes
Studio: Geek Toys
Languages: SUB & DUB

Like a like Action Romedy with some added Fantasy, and a dash of lewd? Well Plunderer would be the perfect fit for you. Based on the highly popular Manga, written and illustrated by Minazuki Suu (Watashi no Messiah-sama, Seven Ocean), Plunderer takes place in the year 305 of the Althea Calendar where the world is completely controlled by “numbers”. While humans are the dominant race here, they are all cattled and labeled as “Counts”, a life system that defines a person in Althea, but also keeps them alive. The term “Count” may also define one’s ability to do anything in this world, from taking babysteps, the amount of compliments given, or even just by eating. While I did find some of the plot absolutely dumbfounding, it’s was utterly intriguing to watch.

Our story follows Hina, a naive young lady who is easily persuaded by some of the conniving, and evil beings of the world. Her mother’s dying wish was for her daughter to seek out the Legendary Flash Baron, a war hero who purposely disguises himself under a traditional theatrical mask, to hide his true identity. Enter Sakai Rihito otherwise known by his alias, Licht Bach. An enigmatic, all-too powerful hero with a undesirable bloodlust. Bacht is also known for being shamelessly perverted, all in part of being mischievous and comical. It’s a common trope within the season that our hero is commonly knocked back by nearly every female he encounters. While the story does have some light comedy, there are certainly black comedy moments that may have viewers looking away, so fair warning it may not be for the faint of heart.

Darwin’s Game


Dāwinzu Gēmu (ダーウィンズゲーム) 🔗

Season Premiere: January 3, 2020
Licensed by: Aniplex
Season Commission: 11 Episodes
Studio: Nexus
Languages: SUB & DUB

Let me begin this by saying, if you love Danganronpa, Sword Art Online, and a mix of Steins;Gate, you will absolutely love Darwin’s Game. Once again, fair warning this is not for the faint of heart. Darwin’s game had a peculiar theme from the onset that had me questioning where this series was actually heading? It is literally a battle royale Anime. A quest for survival, if you will. Heading right into “First Game”, I was immediately taken back by the amount of bloodshed that occurred within the first 5 minutes of it’s inaugural episode. The twisted, psychotic plot of survival by killing off other’s who enter Darwin’s Game, immediately had me pondering how anyone could willingly escape? The odd thing about the actual setting, is that it takes place within the real world.

Darwin’s Game is activated purely through a mysterious mobile app that get’s sent through chain-mail text messages from friends who may have been killed while playing. Our protagonist, Sodou Kaname falls victim to Darwin’s Game, after a close friend had supposedly gone missing, but had actually been killed the night previous. He activates the app on his phone, which then has his accept it’s terms and conditions, thus entering him into the Game itself. After an almost hallucinogenic inducing experience, Kaname is attacked on the way home after “falling sick” at school. He encounters what seems to be a man dressed as a baseball mascot, who then suddenly attacks Kaname, with both fighting for survival. Thus begins Kaname’s adventure through the twisted and demented plot of Darwin’s Game.

ID: Invaded


Ido: Inveideddo (イド:インヴェイデッド) 🔗

Season Premiere: January 5, 2020
Licensed by: Funimation
Season Commission: 13 Episodes
Studio: NAZ
Languages: SUB & DUB

Ever experience a lucid dream so harsh that you forget who you are? What your purpose in life is? And why your limbs are floating in zero gravity? While it’s pacing will question your purpose of continuing the series right at it’s initial onset, you will find ID: Invaded‘s quirky, yet dense plot to reveal more than what you may have anticipated heading in. There are certainly some hidden plot points that will take you a moment to recognise in it’s incredible detail, but “ID-Well” will no doubt have you interested it’s impeccably designed universe. While I will admit, I did find myself incredibly confused within the pilot’s first five to ten minutes, grasping the idea of pacing ensured that I stuck around to understand my protagonist, and his mission within this vastly animated world.

We’re introduced to our Protagonist, Akihito Narihisago. A well renowned detective who is assisting in a homicide investigation. While in ID-Wells, he refers to himself as the “brilliant detective, Sakaido“. Prior to these events, Sakaido’s daughter Muku had been tragically murdered by a serial killer leading his wife to commit suicide. These deaths only prompted the detective to hunt down and murder the killer, sentencing himself to life imprisonment. Now that he has committed murder himself, this allows Sakaido to enter ID-Wells and investigate past crimes within the alternate universe, and help investigators while serving his sentence in prison. The story is heavily adapted, with little to no changes from it’s source material, which will have fans of the manga elated no doubt.

Interspecies Reviewers


Ishuzoku Rebyuāzu (異種族レビュアーズ) 🔗

Season Premiere: January 11, 2020
Licensed by: Funimation
Season Commission: 12 Episodes
Studio: Passione
Languages: SUBBED

Oh yeah, we are certainly going to acknowledge this one. While this has been one of the most controversial Anime’s to hit mainstream in years, AnimeLab have been gracious to continue airing this lusciously lewd anime, that borders itself upon pure, unadulterated hentai. Yes, this is most certainly not for kids, parents out there. One of the most sexually explicit Anime series I have seen in years, but it being in the utmost hilarious fashion. Get ready for Interspecies Reviewers, one of the lewdest, rudest, and  crudest Ecchi based Anime I’ve had the joy of busting out…. laughing to. From the opening, you will notice the abundance of nudity, displayed on screen that questions whether or not you really are watching a mainstream Anime. But I digress. This series is only for those who are looking to have a good laugh at some indecency, but I must stress that it is in no way politically correct. So, be prepared for that.

Our main protagonists are Stunk (yes, his name is Stunk), a human traveler who’s vein personality gets him in strife with many of the locals when he tells his partner that he only prefers Elfs and succu-girls. While his partner in crime Zel, a male elf adventurer values a much more mature outlook in the human form. The comedy here is no doubt a little overzealous, which is why I could completely understand why Funimation themselves decided to pull production, and no longer air any episodes of the season on it’s streaming network. While some of the jokes told within the series aren’t the worst I’ve heard (seriously, I’ve heard worse from other Ecchi’s like Shimoneta), the sheer amount of nudity on-screen itself presents a cause for it’s removal from the North American based service. But the good news, is that AnimeLab are streaming the entire season! So kick back, relax and enjoy some wonderfully lewd Anime, along with our top picks listed above. Happy Viewing, Anime fans!

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