The End of Year Update

Quality Over Quantity...

Well, here we are. November 2022, the final stretch and it’s been another tumultuous year filled with emotion for everyone, I’m sure. For, we had goals set which I believed we achieved and then some. With contributors across the board, we were able to publish over 100 reviews, and cover multiple AAA titles in Gaming. We dabbled in opinion pieces, and had the opportunity to be represented at GamesCom.

As proud as I am to attain these goals, I do feel a change is needed in what we produce and how we publish it, so that’s why we have decided to take a completely different direction heading into the final months of 2022 and into 2023. The goal will be simple; in gaming, less quantity and more quality. As fun as it can be to have the privilege to cover any and all major releases, we’re going grass roots with the website and want to push more opinions on the content we’re passionate about, than the promoting filler. That time can be allotted to other types of articles or podcasts we’re looking to make in 2022. Saying that, we’re also going to be casually approaching content without a need for daily articles, opinion pieces or reviews. We want to give our contributors as well as myself time to digest anything they’ve played or viewed.

Before I leave you with our updates, I just want to thank you the reader for taking precious time out of your day to come by and divulge in any of our past content. We sincerely appreciate it, and hope you leave with something worthwhile. We are approaching the Holiday period steadfast, with only two months of content left for the year. In saying this will be taking our annual Holiday break from December 2, 2022 and then return on January 6, 2023 with our new line-up of content. But that’s not for a couple months, and there’s a whole lot of games and anime to cover, so let’s get to the juicy tidbits.

An Otaku's Outing...

At the beginning of 2021, I personally set out to expand our Otaku offerings above Anime reviews. I failed. Problem? Time. Trying to cover every major gaming and anime release, it starts to become a tussle between priorities and things of importance. This is partially why we’ve decided to take a different route in heading into 2023. We want to reinstate an emphasis on our Anime and Manga channels, and not just have it included in our logo. I will say we adequately covered many major Anime premiere’s and releases across multiple channels, the Manga part of it all fell to the wayside. That’s why we’re going to be placing efforts into the light literature and reviewing some of the greatest Mangaka available.

From My Hero Academia, Death Note, Attack on Titan to Solo Leveling and Jusutsu Kaisen. I’m most definitely excited to be reading these excellent stories, and sharing my immediate thoughts with you all. From narrative to artstyle, there’s depth that can be uncovered from the medium that I really want to dissect. Even translations from Manga to Anime adaptation; differences from source material and what doesn’t make the final cut in its animated counterpart. Definitely an exciting portion of our new content plans.

A Very PlayStation Xmas...

Operation PlayStation will continue throughout our holiday period. We’re proud to produce one of Australia’s premiere PlayStation podcasts, and are excited to cover PlayStation during the break. With DashGamer’s renewed outlook and grassroots plan in firmly setting our focus on Sony’s platform, it’s going to be a real pleasure in relaying thoughts and real time reactions in audio-visual form throughout Christmas time.

Finally, an Anime Podcast...

Yep, it’s finally happening. Anime Addiction will premiere in December 2022. We’re excited to be producing a podcast, where we can talk all about our love for the genre, whether it be a serialised anime or a feature length film. Anime Addiction will compliment DashGamer’s Anime Analysis, as we look to expand beyond our written content within our Otaku hub, DashAnime.

Anime Addiction will launch December 2022.

The DashGamer Awards 2022...

Of course, it’s that time of year again where we celebrate the latest and greatest in gaming. The eighth annual DashGamer Awards are fast approaching, and we’re thrilled to hand out a slew of accolades that are most well earned from Game of the Year, Best Dev, The Chameleon and more. Much like last year’s awards, they will be chosen by website contributors, and again streamlined without the fluff of unnecessary categories.

Of course, you’ll be able to see our nominee’s leading up to the awards themselves, which will be announced Friday December 2, 2022 at

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