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Kingdom Hearts 3 Review – DASH & Holmesy Open Your Hearts

Dash and Holmesy is our tri-weekly book club gaming podcast, where Holmesy and I will look into some of the hottest games out right now, or that we are currently playing. Dash and Holmesy will dive into the crevices and dissect it to the point of which we have played to. Don’t forget to follow us on @dashandholmesy, and on iTunes.

It’s finally here. DASH & Holmesy Open Your Hearts dives into Kingdom Hearts 3. We Talk all about the our experience with Kingdom Hearts 3, the convoluted plot, it’s rough translation, how the franchise is popular after all this time, and what the series means to both of us.

DASH: twitter.com/DashGamers
HOLMESY: twitter.com/HolmesInFive
HOLMESY ON TWITCH: twitch.tv/holmesinfive

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