DASHGAMER.com Half Yearly Update

Hey all. It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. It’s been an amazing first half of 2019, since we rebooted DASHGAMER.com fresh off the Dash Community Awards 2018, back in late January. We’ve had a tonne of Gaming, Movie, Music related content make it’s way to the website, thanks to the many contributors across our amazing community. First off, I want to thank everyone who has been checking out all of the content we have been producing the past year and a half. With the success of both DASH Culture and Dash & Holmesy: Take Your Hearts, we were able to reboot the website and garner the trust of many publisher’s, and allow us to review their amazing games. With that, we were also able to send our newest contributor, Steven Lechowicz to Oz Comic Con earlier this to check out the latest in the Pop Culture. You will be seeing more of Steve as we continue through 2019, as well as Bryce Dewit from The House of Mario, who has gracefully delegated his written pieces, exclusively to DASHGAMER.com and we can’t thank him enough for that. We also launched Some Assembly Required, which we aimed to bottle the magic of our awesome PAX 2018 episode, hosted by a myriad of contributors across many platforms in our community.

For the first time since 2016, DASH Culture rebooted DASHGAMER.com’s E3 Nightly Coverage with the DASH Culture E3 Specials, where Buddy and I were graced with the presence of our peers across the community, and discussed each press conference across three podcasts, which were a lot of fun to do. We were also proud to hit the No. 1 spot on Apple Podcasts Entertainment Australia (for however long it was), with the DASH & Holmesy: Take Your Hearts, Season Finale episode. Holmesy and I are incredibly proud of our podcast, and will be back in mid-July with a brand new episode. Buddy and I also launched DASH Culture Wrestling, our Wrestling inspired spin-off of DASH Culture, which has been a whole lot of fun to do, however we will be benching “DCW” until September, as we are rebooting DASH Culture Wrestling to exclusively reflect on pro-wrestling outside of WWE, which will include the newly launched All Elite Wrestling, as well as New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Now, we’re about to enter the second half of 2019, and we have some exciting stuff to share with you all pertaining to content that we’re producing here on DASHGAMER.com, so here are some of the newest additions coming as soon as next week, and later on this year.

DASH Culture’s Newest Hosts

It’s with great honour that we welcome both Paul James, and Ryan Betson to the DASH Culture family, as semi-regular hosts to the show. Don’t fret “Culture” fans, Buddy Watson is not leaving, but will be on a small hiatus from the show for the next month taking care of some business. However, Paul and Ryan will be sticking around once Buddy does get back, and then it’s a party. Paul James is one of the greatest minds of our community, hosting the successful gaming industry podcast, Dev Diary, as well as his roundtable gaming podcast show Patched, and helps lead the team at Player2.net.au, as one of their Senior Editors. Ryan Betson brings his bubbly personality, and extensive Playstation knowledge to DASH Culture. Betson leads the charge over at The PopCulturists as lead host and executive producer of For the Players, one of the less-than-many Aussie based, PlayStation podcasts, as well as The Young and the Wrestlers, The PopCulturists WWE podcast. Paul and Ryan will join Buddy and DASH, on a monthly to bi-monthly basis, and bring their wit and charm from their communities across to ours. We’re privileged to have our friends join us as we expand our podcasting journey on DASH Culture, throughout the year.

Paul and Ryan will join DASH for their first official episode, next Monday July 15, 2019.

Take My Tone’s New Home

Once again, it’s with great honour that we welcome Simon Blackburn, and his musically inspired discussion Podcast Take My Tone. Blackburn is a self confessed lifelong fan of music that delivers heaviness, groove, obscurity and raw emotion. When not pondering / playing music, Simon is surely talking tech on Apple Slice Podcast. Simon has contributed previously to DASHGAMER.com’s Playlist, as well as hosting Episode #4 of Some Assembly Required. With already an established 20 episodes in the bank, you won’t have a shortage of episodes to choose from. Simon has already scoured our community for some of the best guests to talk to about their musical inspirations, and favourite artists and sounds. Take My Tone’s genuinely unique concept has Simon and his guest connect over music, and whether or not they agree or disagree to like each other’s tastes. We plan on publishing the entire library of Take My Tone on DASHGAMER.com, but will commence publishing at Episode #21, and will add previous episodes later in the year.


Shortly after WWE Elimination Chamber 2019, Buddy and I launched DASH Culture Wrestling, our Pro-Wrestling spin-off of DASH Culture, where we would review each PPV broadcast, on a monthly basis. This would have included WWE, AEW, and rarely NJPW. Unfortunately due to time constraints, and personal interests towards the current product, Buddy and I have decided the ultimately bench “DCW” for the time being. We’ve had many a discussion on what to do with the podcast, and ultimately it came down to one thing; we want to talk about amazing Pro-Wrestling, and not a day time soap opera. So, we came to the decision that DASH Culture Wrestling will redebut this September, when All Elite Wrestling launches their official product with the hard launch of AEW All Out. The plan then going forward is to have DASH Culture Wrestling be primarily focused on the AEW product, while our partner’s-in-crime over at The Young and The Wrestlers take care of the WWE Product. Don’t you worry though, Dirtsheet DASH will still keep up with all the backstage gossip over with The PopCulturists.

Review Culture Reboot Rewinds our mind

While Review Culture may be gone for now, get ready for it’s Retro-inspired Reboot. Rewind Culture see’s Buddy Watson back in the hosting chair, along with familiar friends across multiple communities, where the newest home of Retro Pop Culture will lay it’s foundation. Buddy and DASH released what is now the Pilot Episode of Rewind Culture (DASH Culture REWIND) back in July of 2018, where they discussed their Gaming Origin Stories. Buddy now takes on a new project, and will mix what was great about the Review Culture format, reboot and revisit the best of the 80’s, 90’s, and the naughties (00’s). Get ready to revisit some of your favourite Movies, TV Shows, Music, Gaming, Toys, Clothing and other Retro-laden memories that will only take us back to the “hey day”. Rewind Culture premiere’s soon on DASHGAMER.com.

Additional Notes

  • Buddy Vs. DASH: The Super Mario Maker 2 Series pits the DASH Culture hosts against eachother, to crown the true DASH Culture Champion of platforming. The series will premiere within the next two weeks.
  • Some Assembly Required returns from it’s short break this month, with TWO NEW episodes. One released today (July 10), and the other will be released on July 26.
  • Anime Reviews will become more frequent, as we aim to have a new Anime review out on a bi-weekly basis, Beginning this week with TWO new Anime’s; The Helpful Fox Senko-San & ReLIFE.
  • An Anime podcast is in pre-production. No additional information at this time.
  • DASH’s Overdue Reviews will be a Video Review series, and is now in pre-production with graphics and transitions being currently made. The series will debut Q4 2019.
  • DASH AWARDS 2019 planning has officially begun. It’s currently unknown whether we are going to stick with the same format, or change it up from the previous three years of the awards, but involvement from outside communities will still be there. More news about the Awards will be made in Q4 2019.

I want to extend my sincere thanks and gratitude to everyone who has consumed our content within the past year, and especially these past six months. To our friends who have helped us reboot DASHGAMER.com, and help us with our vision of bringing quality content to our community, listeners, and viewing audience. You have not only motivated us, but inspired us to continue with this project, that we hope brings you all joy and entertainment. And personally to family and friends, thanks for putting up with my stupid vision for the last decade and a bit. This all finally feels like it’s coming together nicely, and I hope we can all make you proud of this.

Special thanks to Ryan Betson, Paul James, Joel Gralton, Dylan Blight, Drew Agnew, and Bryce Dewit for helping us throughout the year, and co-hosting DASH Culture with us.

As well as Simon Blackburn, Ashley Hobley, Cherie Henriques, and Dane Pevy, for jumping on board with our silly, Community Podcast Idea. It’s been great so far.

Holmesy for being one of my good mate’s for almost a decade now, and putting up with my creative crap. I made him play Persona 5, so I think I owe him a thanks.

Brendan White from ATEBIT for his support.

And Buddy, you know why.

Here’s to the rest of an amazing year guys.


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