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DASHGAMER.com December Update

Hey guys, welcome to more of a personal update for this month. It’s been two weeks since we have posted or produced content for the site, and I wanted to address what has been happening and why it’s been quite sparse. So back in early October, our server host decided to update their software which disabled use of WordPress, which is what our website uses. This was not their intention at all, and was a mistake made by their administrators, but was a task to revert back to their old software which took over a week. In this time, I personally was unable to access the administration end of the site, leaving it almost dormant for 10 days. Luckily, we were still able to produce our podcast, and were able to get our Death Stranding Review up in time. However, I personally have been going through some health issues that has affected my ability to publish and produce content in the last two weeks, and I would like to quickly address that here in this small update.

It’s no secret that I have been struggling with my mental health for the past few years, and tried my best to overcome it. However, in mid-November I had unfortunately fallen back into a clinically diagnosed depression. As motivated as I was to continue producing content during that period, I knew I had to step away for a short while for my own sake, as I was put onto medication immediately. I did push myself early on in the month to work through it, writing reviews and producing our podcasts but I had a feeling there something wrong when I was struggling to focus on simple tasks as writing, or editing. My concentration became discombobulated, and I grew frustrated which in turn affected my state of mind. I knew that at this point that it was nothing like writers block, and became worried that there was something wrong with my health.

Fortunately, I have good friends and family that have been supportive during this period and while it may have taken me a while, I finally decided that it was time to seek treatment towards my mental health. It’s true that the “stigma” of mental health is perceived like a weakness, than an ailment which is a total lie. Mental health is a serious issue that should never be overlooked, and I unfortunately overlooked mine for over a decade, but am so glad that I have finally taken the initiative to work on it. Sure, it may take a little while to move through it, but I know that I can get there. So I just want to thank everyone for being so supportive during this period. It’s been tough being incapable doing the one thing that I absolutely love, and that is writing and producing quality content for you, but today I finally resume content creation and hope that what I have stated above does not affect my credibility and integrity as a journalist.

We have four new reviews coming this week on the site, and as well as a new morning show that I will be testing this week. It’s nothing that’s set in stone, but is more along the lines of a trial test. Dash Culture will return for it’s Season Finale next Monday Night at 7.30PM AEDT, as we go on Christmas Break from December 16, to January 13, 2020. The Dash Culture End of Year Extravaganza will premiere Tuesday, December 31 2019, for those looking for a podcast fix on New Years Eve, as well as our Some Assembly Required Christmas Special. The Dash Awards 2019 are also this week, as we announce our Game of the Year, amongst other awards this week! We’re real excited about that. It’s going to be a lot of fun getting back into the swing of things, and we hope you all stick around! In the mean time, have a wonderful holiday to you, and yours and we can’t wait to bring you all our exciting new content in 2020.

Take Care,

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