The Dash Awards - December 2, 2022 | Holiday Break: December 2, 2022 - January 6, 2023 August Update

Hey guys, welcome back to another update. I promise these won’t be a regular occurrence, but I felt that I needed to get this one out to you guys due to some minor changes that will be happening with our content going forward. So before I do get into these minor updates, I just want to extend a thank you to everyone who has been consuming our content for the last month, whether it be our extensive reviews, opinion pieces, podcasts, vodcasts, live streams, playlists, and other content we have been producing. We have had our busiest month ever in terms of content creation for, and it’s been incredible to bring it to you all. We’re thrilled with how the website is progressing and we’re all very excited for things to come in the future including the #DASHAWARDS19, this November.

So what are some of our changes? “Music is a brand new category added to the site, with the addition of Simon Blackburn‘s Take My Tone Podcast, and our weekly Playlist, having their own dedicated section. In saying that, we have removed the “TV” and “Comics” Categories for the time being. In terms of these categories returning in the future, Gaming, Movies, Music, and Anime are mediums we are very dedicated to at this time. We definitely want to delve into the world of Comics and Manga at some point in the near future, as our resident movie reviewer, Steven Lechowicz, is a self-proclaimed “Comic Book Nerd” and collector of the physical media. As for our TV series coverage, we are currently weak on that front, but we promise to work on having a dedicated contributor for that category potentially join us, and grow that portion of the site.

Check out our New MUSIC Category, with Take My Tone & our weekly Music Playlists.

The last thing is coverage. We have been ultimately blessed with many outlets allowing us to cover their games, whether it be in written format, podcasting, or video review. Nothing will change on that front, but we’re going to start taking a new approach on which genre’s of gaming we would like to cover on How much of that front will change for you guys? Almost nothing, honestly. We’re not looking to ostracise, or exclude anything through this change at all. We welcome anything and everything. The change will be so minute, that it will be unnoticeable. Right now, we feel that we have a target audience that we would like to cater to, so I would call this more than anything an experimental phase for us here. In saying this, we’re all about producing quality content for the people who like to consume it, and for the people here who also like to produce and output said content. Now, what that does mean is, more content. We want to bring it to you, and with this change I believe we can do that.

But this also allows us time to up our production value on things like DASH Culture, DASH and Holmesy: Take Your Hearts, Some Assembly Required, and the potential of video essays, which we would love to start producing by the end of the year. I personally would love to write and produce more Anime Reviews as well, being a fan of the genre and knowing that there are many out there who share that same love of the medium, as we are in talks of a potential Anime Podcast being part of our growing podcast family. We have also been talking about the potential of hardware reviews later in the year. I feel it’s fair being transparent with our readers and telling you all this, just in case you do, or don’t agree with any of these changes at all. You’re just as important to this cause, as we are bringing this to you.

So once again, thank you guys so much for your time, and we hope you’re enjoying our content, as much as we love to produce it for you.


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