DASH Gamer Playlist #6 – Kanye West, Kankyo Ongaku, Frank Sinatra, Radiohead & More

The DASHGAMER.com playlist. Music that we jam to, while being productive with our daily tasks. This week our resident Movie writer Steven gives us his mixtape. We hope you enjoy.

Regardless of the mood, this weeks playlist includes a collection of genres from different time periods which generally contain experimental and expressive music.

Tom Yourke’s vocals are as powerful as ever in ‘Exit music’, ‘Fake plastic trees and ‘Videotape’, which possess emotionally powerful moments, allowing me personally to dive deeper into my imagination and thought. Following the fantastic ‘joker’ trailer, Vocal Jazz and Nate King Cole’s ‘smile’ has made its way to this week’s playlist. The song from Nate King Cole was perfectly executed in the trailer and has been in repetition both in my head and on my Spotify since the trailers debut.

Due to the brilliant vocal range of Cole, songs such as ‘only the lonely’ and ‘speak no Evil’ have made there way into the playlist for the emotionally impactful vocals that both Frank Sinatra and Wayne Shorter possess.

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