DASH Gamer Playlist #5 – The Velvet Records (PERSONA 5) MOHMEGA

The DASHGAMER.com playlist. Music that we jam to, while being productive with our daily tasks. This week DASH brings you some video gaming music, and with DASH & Holmesy: Take Your Hearts wrapping up their first season, and the news of Persona 5: The Royal hitting the scene, there was no better time for this featured cover album to drop.

Mohmega is honestly, my favourite Persona 5 cover artist on YouTube. His amazing re-arrangements of the official soundtrack, is nothing short of perfection. Shoji Meguro truly changed the game with Persona 5’s jazz inspired beats, that range a diverse blend to not only set the pace, but tell the story. Mohmega’s re-arrangements from the original tracks encapsulate the vibes you get when playing the game with his own personal touches, which takes it up another notch.

I asked Mohmega today on why he chose to re-arrange and cover the Persona 5 official soundtrack, he stated “Persona 5 is a game that had a lasting impact on me, and a big part of it was Shoji Meguro and his amazing OST. Since I started covering his tracks back in 2017, my channel saw substantial growth at the time because of the P5 covers. An album was not entirely surprising, given my love for the game and its music, and I’m happy to have finally release a collection of some of my favorite tracks from the game.”

Follow Mohmega on:
YouTube: youtube.com/channel/UCqBdDElacPV4KFqEHUTX6EA/
Twitter: twitter.com/mohmegamusic

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