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DASH Gamer Playlist #33 – Promare Appreciation

The DASHGAMER.com playlist. Music that we jam to, while being productive with our daily tasks. This DASH highlights Studio Trigger’s latest feature length animated movie, Promare.

This weekend, AnimeLab are hosting an online watch-a-long event over social media, with its online streaming premiere of Promare. I was fortunate to attend the Australian Premiere back at Animefest in 2019, where I was absolutely elated with its outstanding display in animation and overall presentation.

There hasn’t been a day that I have not thought about this film, and am so glad that Madman Australia are granting us a 72 hour period to experience this monumental achievement in Japanese Animation.

In addition to being one of the best Animated movies I’ve seen in recent memory, its accompanied by a gorgeous soundtrack that enhances its vibrant expressions. Promare establishes a new benchmark in anime, and I for one am excited to relive it all over again.

Check out our latest Anime Analysis, where we go in-depth and review the film.

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