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DASH Gamer Playlist #32 – Isolation Compilation

The DASHGAMER.com playlist. Music that we jam to, while being productive with our daily tasks. This week Zach Jackson of WellPlayed returns with the perfect Isolation Compilation to get you through your workday from home.

Recently I have been doing a lot more long-form writing, as well as researching for articles that I will eventually start penning, and while I do love a good meaty guitar riff, I often find myself listening to gentler music when trying to become the next Jason Schreier (shoutouts to my boy).

Everyone knows I have a wildly eclectic taste in music, so it should come as no surprise that I’ve always been a big fan of ambient and instrumental music (I even have my own project the midnight bloom). It’s relaxing and full of emotion – it speaks to me in a way that other music doesn’t. If you dig this kind of music I implore you to check out some of the artists below, or if you want some recommendations hit me up on Twitter.

Zach: @tightinthejorts
WellPlayed: well-played.com.au

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