DASH Gamer Playlist #19 – Kensignton, Mr. Mister, Breaking Benjamin, Don Broco, Nickelback & MORE

Given I predominately play single-player story-driven games it’s probably not surprising that I don’t listen to a huge amount of music while gaming – I mean who wants Chad Kroeger crooning ‘this is how you remind me’ while you’re trying to evade 10,000 flesh-eating rats with a torch that’s about to burn out in A Plague Tale: Innocence? No one. Except maybe the hungry rats. I do, however, listen to a fair bit of music while playing sports or racing games (mainly because my taste is so much better than the developers) and while I am penning my future Pulitzer Prize-winning articles. They say you’re a product of your environment, so by that logic if I listen to great tunes I’ll create great content. That’s my theory anyway.

So what powers my lust for gaming greatness? It’s not easy condensing your inspiration and motivation down to 10 tracks. I mean, when you’ve played over 400 days (that’s 9,600 hours) of Football Manager you’ve listened to a lot of music (insert Robin Williams’ Jumanji ‘what year is it’ gif here). So here’s a taste of what graces my ears whether I am getting sacked for winning a 10-game winless run in FIFA or booting cops into oncoming traffic in Road Rash.

It’s a rather eclectic mix of radio rock, synth-laden pop, metal and 80s bangers. Kicking off with a bit of European flavour with German metal outfit Time, The Valuator and Swedish band Normandie to get the blood pumping before Dutch band Kensington dials it back a touch. British lads Don Broco crank it back up a gear with a cowbell-infused banger only for Starset to ride their coattails and take us into the stratosphere. The start of Side 2 of the playlist will remind you of your parents taste in music with Panic Division’s 80s synth-driven goodness (featuring a delicious saxophone solo) before we literally go back to the 80s with Mr. Mister’s hit song Kyrie. If you thought things were staying soft from henceforth you’re dead set wrong, because Villain of the Story are about to scream your face off before some good old fashioned hard rock in Nothing More and my favourite band breaking benjamin deliver the crescendo.

What’s that? You want an encore? Well considering I am almost 300 words over budget a few more won’t hurt (sorry Dash) – plus I haven’t paid tribute to the big fella yet. Honestly, what better way to close out this playlist than with a bit of Chad rock. So here’s Nickelback (haters be damned!) and their riff-heavy tune Flat on the Floor.

Lap it all up.

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