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DASH Gamer Playlist #18 – Ode to Lena Raine & Celeste

The playlist. Music that we jam to, while being productive with our daily tasks. This week entails something a little different than what we have delivered in past Playlists.

This Week, I wanted to pay tribute to Lena Raine, and her magnificence in composing the Celeste Official Soundtrack. Celeste holds something special to us here at It’s honestly the reason we rebooted, and founded Dash Culture. Our podcast was born out of our love for the game, and it’s popular soundtrack.

Last week, we said goodbye to our beloved Game of the Year (2018), with a fantastic additional “Farewell” level, that put our skills to the test. Of course, while challenging our strengths and weaknesses, the music subtly was a comforting  in moments of total stress.

The Celeste OST is always something that plays in the background, while I sit and write our articles here on DASHGAMER, due to it’s profound nature. It really does help in times of suffering total “writer’s block”.

I curated a selection of my personal Top 10 (eleven ‘cos I can), for those who would love to sample some of the brilliant tunes that ultimately personified the message that was coming through during my time playing Celeste.

I hope you enjoy this week’s DASH Gamer Playlist.


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