DASH Gamer Playlist #17 – The Comfort, Silverstein, I The Mighty, Hands like Houses & More

The DASHGAMER.com playlist. Music that we jam to, while being productive with our daily tasks. This week entails something a little different than what we have delivered in past Playlists. I approached Cat Benstead from Player2HQ, to curate this week’s choices, with her unique taste in punk/rock, in which she explained her love for the genre on Episode 26 of Simon Blackburn’s Take my Tone.

Cat provided us the playlist this week, explaining “These are the songs that I have played a lot over the last few weeks. I drive a lot for work, so I always have the most random playlists crafted for my road trips. Music is a huge passion of mine so I don’t have one particular genre I love more than another. I pride myself in listening to anything from operatic metal through to pop punk, I don’t tie myself down.

This is why I threw in a few different songs, but not TOO different. Some of the artists are also Australian and incredibly talented, wanted to show off how amazing our shores are for alternate / rock music.”

We hope you enjoy this week’s DASH Gamer Playlist.

Cat Benstead: twitter.com/catstead_
Player2HQ: twitter.com/player2hq

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