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DASH Gamer Playlist #16 – Smoochie Boochies!

When Dash approached me to make this playlist I was a little lost on what I wanted it to be. Did I want to go my version of Old School with Nu Metal and 90s-20s pop?
Well thankfully I had some sneaky cross promotion to do 😉

Recently we announced Radio Mooby’s – A View Askew Podcast, a cross collaboration show with The PopCulturists, Explosion Network, and DASHGAMER.com where we look back at Kevin Smith’s shared universe of films ahead of Jay and Silent Bob Reboot.

Kevin Smith has mentioned that he never really considers the music when writing his films. His approach is more of a “what’s on my iPod right now?” Little does he know that his music choices were incredible.
So incredible in fact that I even used one of them for my wedding! After hearing Alanis Morissette’s Everything in Clerks II it fell into a special place in my heart, and now its forever connected to my beautiful wife walking down the aisle towards me.

To complete the playlist I sifted through the View Askewniverse and picked 10 standout tracks. We have older tracks, a metal track, a metal one, a punk one, and a track with Wookie noises. It’s a glorious mixed bag.

Radio Mooby’s is an eight episode event podcast and is available across all good podcast services.

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Google Podcasts:

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