DASH Gamer Playlist #13 – The Best of Radiohead

The DASHGAMER.com playlist. Music that we jam to, while being productive with our daily tasks. This week Steve swoons over his fandom for Radiohead. It’s a loveletter/best of, and we hope you all enjoy.

Radiohead is at the front of the list this week and what a group of musicians they are. The playlist is heavily influenced by the phenomenal ‘Ok Computer’, the instrumental brilliance of ‘Kid A’, the beautiful ‘In Rainbows’ and finally the heart felt ‘In A Moon Shaped Pool’.

After re-listening to the famous tracks of the albums throughout the week not only reminded me of the brilliance of the music but the vocal genius that Tom Yorke is. Listening to his vocals have cemented him as one of, if not the best vocalist to ever perform.

His pitch change is unique and the level he can hit (with high notes) is incredible, holding a vocal line for moments, which can dive deep into the soul. If your into rock, alternative rock, art rock or just feeling like a bit of reflection, Radiohead and this playlist is for you!

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