DASH Culture #32 – Randy Pitchford, Spiderman, Darling in the FRANXX, Rage 2, Detective Pikachu & More

Welcome to Episode 32 of DASH Culture, Powered By DASHGAMER.com. The Bi-weekly conversational pop-culture shock podcast, where the two worlds of Dash and Buddy collide. We’ll be sharing our geeky love for gaming, movies, music and other forms of media each fortnight with you guys, with a nice laid back conversation. Nothing formal here, just two mates talking, and we hope you enjoy our incoherent rambling every two weeks.

– Borderlands 3 & Randy Pitchford
– New Lootbox Law
– Spiderman Far From Home
– Rage 2
– A Plague Tale: Innocence
– Devil May Cry on Switch
– God of War Doco
– Darling in the FRANXX Review
– Life is Strange 2
– Va11halla Talk
– Detective Pikachu

DASH: twitter.com/DashGamers
BUDDY: twitter.com/BuddyWatson12

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