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Christmas Gift Guide 2021

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Alright Mum and Dad, let me begin this Guide by breaking the bad news… again. You’re not going to find a PlayStation 5 or XBOX Series X for your child this Christmas unless you pay an exorbitant eBay auction price, or the highly unlikely situation where you get lucky and receive notice of a fresh batch of units coming through prior to the big day; I know it’s the same message I gave last year. This guide will hopefully soften the blow for kids out there writing letters to Santa, tirelessly begging for their brand new home console under the tree. 

But I will say, if you do score either console before Christmas day, kudos… It must have been an interesting scenario wrestling other parents out of the food court with a steadfast stampede in tow. Regardless, I hope this guide helps out anyone before Christmas or on the big day. It’s going to be a rough one this year, but there are plenty of items up for grabs that will keep the kids, Mums, Dads, and other family members busy right through the new year, and hopefully to an arrival of fresh next gen units.

PlayStation 4

A Top-Up...

Give the gift that keeps giving…

Available in values of $5, $15, $30, $50 (Recommended) and $100, you can’t go wrong. This allows you to gift that someone a flexible choice of a game, the DLC they’ve been eyeing, or a PlayStation Plus Subscription (12 Months $79.99AUD).

Best of all, they can use this on PS4, PS5 and PS Vita.

They'll love this...

The sequel to the critically acclaimed multi-award winning action-adventure/horror; The Last of Us Part II see’s the return of an adolescent Ellie, looking for retribution against former Firefly members.

This instant classic follows the events of the 2013 smash hit The Last of Us, Where Joel and Ellie fight for survival against hoards of infected “runners”, that have mutated from human to zombie in the midst of a global pandemic.

If they’ve yet to play its prequel, I would highly suggest picking that up first. But if they’re a fan and have yet to play this incredible title, then it’s a great gift.

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Swinging Santa...

The sequel to 2018’s Marvel’s Spider-Man for PlayStation 4, Miles Morales is the next chapter in the Spider-verse. And for the youngsters, this is a treat; especially those that loved the recently released Animated feature length smash hit, Spider-Man: Enter the Spider-verse.

Miles Morales takes the reigns of our friendly neighbourhood masked vigilante, while Peter takes a quick holiday in Europe (boy, they aren’t living in COVID times). Only, the unexperienced teen has his hands full with a new threat looming over New York City.

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Kratos Krumpus...

The Reboot that saw the gaming world go crazy for Kratos, and his fatherly – or lack thereof – love for his son, Atreus. This is God of War (2018), the latest entry into the esteemed franchise that has dominated the PlayStation platform and is responsible for multiple Game of the Year accolades attached to Sony Santa Monica.

The campaign see’s an older Kratos, widowed after the untimely passing of his wife Faye. Before she passed, she had requested to be cremated and for her ashes to be scattered atop the highest peak of the Nine Realms. This would set the God and his offspring on a tumultuous test for their survival, but growth as father and son. Truly one of the greatest stories ever told in gaming.

Beyond the Horizon...

Looking for something a little different? Needing a sense of adventure?

Horizon Zero Dawn, the multi-award winning 2017 PlayStation 4 epic is now available on PC. Roam a post-cataclysmic Earth, set in the 31st century where humanity has slightly devolved, with only remains of technological advancement existing within creatures known as “machines” roaming its desolate plains.

Your protagonist Aloy, an abandoned orphan is outcased by her tribe and handed to her new guardian Rost, in hopes of training the young girl, into a warrior in hopes of being accepted again.

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PlayStation 5

A Modern Rogue...

Stuck in a loop, yet all the places to run…

Returnal is PS5’s hottest Roguelike, action-adventure third person shooter that comes from acclaimed studio Hallmarque. Portraying Space Pilot Selene, the ASTRA corp disobeys orders and becomes stranded on the planet Atropis. The only issue here is, our hero is now stuck within the planet’s unique time cycle which in fact is never ending.

A massive contender for Game of the Year, and highly recommended.

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