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Dash has been producing Video Game based content online for over 10 years. Starting off with producing his own Video Review series on YouTube, he found that writing reviews was more his passion... and Pizza.

Trine 4 Review

Damn, is this game gorgeous. Never experiencing the Trine series beforehand I was going into this title completely blind from any prior experience in the franchise. It had all been hearsay to me, on h…

The Alliance Alive HD Remastered Review

The Nintendo3DS may be gone, but it certainly is not forgotten and a great example of it’s rich library is starting to shine through it’s HD remasters making their way over the Nintendo…

Persona 5 Scramble REACTION

Persona 5: The Royal is almost here... for Japan. However, Persona 5 Scramble is only months away... for Japan, but we have been treated to an incredibly stunning presentation today, and DASH sat down…