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Dash has been producing Video Game based content online for over 10 years. Starting off with producing his own Video Review series on YouTube, he found that writing reviews was more his passion... and Pizza.

Damsel Review

You know when you start a game, and you have that feeling that it just feels right at home on the console you’re playing it on? That’s exactly the feeling I got, playing Damsel on the Nint…

Metal Wolf Chaos XD Review

Wow, 2004. That definitely was an interesting year for gaming. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Far Cry, Katamari Damacy, Half Life 2, the list goes on. So many awesome titles came out that year across …

DASHGAMER.com August Update

Hey guys, welcome back to another update. I promise these won't be a regular occurrence, but I felt that I needed to get this one out to you guys due to some minor changes that will be happening with …