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A statement regarding our Reviews going forward…

This has unequivocally been a long time coming. Beginning today, will no longer be utilising the Twenty-point scale numerical verdict that has been attached to our Reviews since 2016. Due to its arguably inconsistent nature, we no longer want our reviews to carry a number grade that determines whether the title is suitable, or up to our standards. Instead, we have opted to switch over to a simple accolade system that will now reflect our judgement for each title we review.

Another reason, we would love our readers to take the time to actually delve into reviews themselves and determine whether our words are enough to incentivise. We implore all of our readers past and present to do so, but have renewed our intention by removing the arbitrary scale. It’s easy to attach a number out-of-ten, one-hundred or a letter grading and call it a day, but I believe our quality essays speak for themselves. We have some of the best contributors in the industry digitally penning some of their best work and we would love it to be appreciated, just as much as a number.

I just want to give a big thanks to Ryan Betson, Alex Walker, Gabriel Moss and James Burns on their guidance, thoughts and encouraging us to make the move.

So what is changing?

As of May 10, 2021 will no longer numerically score Reviews. We have now integrated an accolade based system that entails the following;

– Essential.
– Recommended.
– No Accolade attached.

The reason behind this change is simple; merit. The disparity of review scores has been widely argued amongst industry insiders, and we have decided to do away with the inconsistent numerical verdict. We urge our readers to simply read our reviews and opinions, then form their own prerogative.

We reserve the right to update our reviews when a video game or product receives an overhaul or patch, however the original score will be preserved within the review.

You can read more about this change in our website Ethics.

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