#PAXAUS Coverage – Ryan & Buddy walk the PAX AUS Show floor & MORE

Ryan Betson from The PopCulturists & Buddy Watson from, Our DASH Culture co-hosts take you through a quick tour of the PAX AUS 2019 show floor, before gates open to the public. We’ll be sure to cover as much as possible throughout the week from PAX this year, so make sure to follow all our social media networks.

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Games of the Show


It’s another year for PAX AUS, and we at are very excited for the first time to be covering the event independently. Today, I walked the showroom floor to discover new and exciting titles that are out now, or on the horizon. In this mix, I stumbled across my favourite title from last year return completely re-branded (#RIPScoutsHonourGOTY). Camped Out resonates the exact same vibe I had playing my beloved Overcooked series. The buzz the title had on the show floor, shone through it’s brilliance in 4-Player co-op strategic gameplay that will in effect, be an incredible time with friends and family. Can’t wait to make DASH rage online with this one. #CampedOutGOTY2020

Picture: INCA

Picture: Buddy Watson

Another 4-Player Co-op Puzzle title, Grabimals from SAD & SON (an indie gaming studio based in Melbourne, Victoria) shows off it’s incredible creativity and gameplay, that reminds me a lot of Death Squared. Definitely another sleeper hit from PAX Rising, which has a bright future ahead of it’s release. Had a ton of fun getting my hands on this one, and can’t wait to play more of this in the future.

Becoming Tony Stark in Iron Man VR is surely a treat. The surprisingly intuitive gameplay and free roaming style world was awesome to try out. Certainly one of my most anticipated VR titles, to hit the PlayStation VR platform later this year. For those who fear motion sickness, I can gladly report that I experienced little to no motion sickness here. Definitely pleased with the outcome of what I experienced here.

Picture: Buddy Watson

Picture: Buddy Watson

Fall Guys, Developed by Mediatonic and Published by Devolver Digital is going to be a ton of fun. A battle-royale style, indie title with five rounds of mini games that lead to elimination, looking for a sole survivor. Huge Takeshi’s Castle/Wipeout vibes from this title, for any Japanese game show lovers out there. You start with 100 players with a bunch eliminated each round. The simplicity within it’s control scheme will definitely appeal to casual gamers looking to get a quick “fun-fix”. Fantastic art style, great multiplayer madness. Can’t wait to get my hands on this title, in 2020.

Retro Booth Visit & DASH Culture


Day Two here at PAX AUS 2019, it was incredibly busy. Had a stroll through the awesome Retro Booth, displaying some classic titles from the greatest console of all time, The Super Nintendo Entertainment System. I had a chance to check out Fall guys from Devolver Digital today, which we have added to our “Games of the Show” Line-up just above, to get my quick thoughts there, capping it off with our annual PAX episode of DASH Culture from the Audio-Technica booth, on the showroom floor, with some awesome guest panelists this year.

Thanks to Ryan Betson, Drew Agnew, Bryce Dewit, Ashley Hobley, and Simon Blackburn for coming onto today’s podcast special.

Bring on the final day of PAX AUS 2019!

Final Thoughts with The PopCulturists & The Explosion Network


Here we are, the final day of PAX AUS 2019. I must say, it was different from other years. Sunday usually is it’s quietest day, but it was the perfect opportunity for some awesome crossover content, and I had the pleasure to join both The PopCulturists & The Explosion Network in wrapping up the event. Above you will find our thoughts on some of the best games from PAX Rising this year, as well as my thoughts on the Metal Gear Solid Boardgame, definitely a solid experience (all the pun intended). Many thanks to Ryan Betson, Dylan Blight, Ashley Hobley, and Cherie Henriques for inviting me on their respective outlets to give my thoughts. This year was definitely a special one for us at, it was the first time we were recognised as our own independent outlet entering the event, so it made for a special outing.

Simon from Take My Tone, also had his own special feature from PAX AUS 2019, where he interviewed developers from the PAX Rising showcase, all about sound design in gaming. You can check that out, just above.

Much like every year, loved catching up with mates, having a few bevvies, and sharing our thoughts on the amazing line-up presented, and the grandeur of it all. Oh, and DASH did turn up the night before. So yes people, he’s real. He’s actually real. Until next year! This is Buddy Watson…. out!

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