Radio Mooby’s: A View Askew Podcast

Our own Buddy Watson is teaming up with Dylan Blight from The Explosion Network, and Ryan Betson from The PopCulturists to bring you a brand new, limited series podcast from the mind of Award Winning Film Director, Kevin Smith.

Radio Mooby’s: A View Askew Podcast, is a weekly review show where the boys will sit down and recap the entire View Askewnisverse, in the lead up to Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, releasing in theaters October 15, 2019.

The idea for the show was initiated by the boys after the release of the “Reboot” trailer, revealed at San Diego Comic-Con, earlier this year. While there is no international release date set for the film, we hope all listeners enjoy this collaborative effort from the Dylan, Buddy and Ryan.

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Smoochie Boochies.

DYLAN: twitter.com/vivaladil // ExplosionNetwork.com
BUDDY: twitter.com/BuddyWatson12
RYAN: twitter.com/HaggardMC // ThePopCulturists.com