DASH Gamer Playlist #4 – The Prodigy, Fatboy Slim, CHVRCHES & More

The playlist. Music that we jam to, while being productive with our daily tasks. This week Buddy’s back to share his newest playlist with your all. We hope you enjoy.

This weeks playlist is inspired by The Chemical Brothers ninth studio album, No Geography. It has been on high rotation nonstop start to finish since it’s 12th April release with each song blending into the next. It has inspired me to revisit other electronic favourites such as The Prodigy (RIP Keith Flint), Fatboy Slim, New Order and Moby. The rest of the list is full of some of favourite Synth Pop acts.

Interesting fact, Porcelain from Moby was used in the 2000 Danny Boyle film, The Beach, which starred a young Leonardo DiCaprio. The song was first used as it panned the beautiful Maya Bay in the Phi Phi Islands of Thailand. When I first saw the movie it left a massive impression and 15 years later I would finally visit there and propose to wife on that very beach. Needless to say, everyone I hear Porcelain it reminds me of Maya Bay, The Beach and the day I proposed to Kym.

It’s sad to hear that Maya Bay tourism closed down indefinitely late last year but thankful I had the chance to visit it when I could.

Buddy Watson: