DashGamer.com Awards 2016 Winners


The DashGamer Award 2015 – Winners!

The DashGamer Awards 2015 are in the books, and what a year it has been for this event. Developers, Actors, Communities, and fans all coming together to vote on their favourite Console, Podcast, Twitch Stream, Voice Actor, Developer, and of course Game of the Year. We had over 10,000 votes

The DashGamer Awards 2015

It’s back, once again! The DashGamer Awards 2015 have arrived, and you the fans will vote on every category. These awards are all about you, the Gamers. This year’s format is similar to last years, only we’ve cut a few categories that we felt were a little useless, but added

The DashGamer Awards 2014

This is the DashGamer Awards 2014. We here on DashGamer.com are all about you, the readers. That is why you will choose the award winners, from each category by a poll vote. We’re all about the fair share, and real gamers having their opinions shown. Don’t get us wrong, I


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