DashGamer.com is a non-profit Gaming & Tech related website, that aims to provide you with nothing but the best news and opinions from gamers themselves. While there have been and are plenty of these websites around now, we strive to be different. We aim to deliver you the facts, the important news about GAMING, and not stir the pot and turn it all into a TMZ/Soap opera. DashGamer.com is now six years old, but has been completely operated under one person, which has now expanded to a team of people, who write completely voluntarily, out of their own time. DashGamer.com has been featured on some of the biggest, and most leading gaming websites out there, including Kotaku, IGN, GoNintendo, and Gamespot. We’ve been all about the news since the beginning, and that’s what we want to be heading towards the future.

From the humble beginnings of YouTube, “Dash” has created content all over the internet. From videos, podcasts, and even written reviews, Dash has been around the block for many years.

You can find Dash co-hosting the bi-weekly pop culture podcast DASH Culture, grappling with the the guys on The Young and The Wrestlers, and masterminding some of ATEBIT’s stellar video content.

Obsessed with pop culture and rugby league, Buddy Watson is the co-host of DASH Culture, an off-shoot of Review Culture, his podcast critiquing the latest in the world of entertainment. Never short of an opinion, Buddy also has an unhealthy obsession with Veronica Mars, Degrassi Junior High, The Wonder Years, ’80s synth pop and asking people “what’s your favourite scary movie?” Buddy’s favourite director is David Fincher, he thinks The Legend Of Zelda: A Link to the Past is the best game of all-time, Meteora was nice, but he bought Hybrid Theory twice.

Through Memes and Streams, “HolmesInFive” has created content across the web from his funny sketches on YouTube to his well informed Hardware Reviews. Now taking on Twitch as his new home, Holmesy has become one of the most renowned members of the Aussie Twitch Community.

Holmesy now joins the DASH, to host DASH & Holmesy, the Video Game Book Club podcast, where the two will play the hottest titles, then come back to you with their thoughts and opinions.